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Bulgarian Bag

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The Bulgarian Bag is unsurpassed as a tool for fast 360 degree movement patterns and tri-planar movements. It brings dynamic rotational exercises into one-to-one PT sessions and is an asset to any group functional training program.

Unique and versatile, the Bulgarian Bag is your perfect partner for a full body workout. Press it, spin it, squat it, lift it the Bulgarian Bag has various handles to enable a vast range of exercises, including unique side grips to improve grip and forearm strength. This makes it great for one-on-one training, functional group training or as a station in a circuit. It is the ideal aid for high strength explosive exercises.








The Fitness Bulgarian Bag has a synthetic leather coating, making it easy to wipe down and keep clean. The various handles mean the bag can be used for a range of different exercises.


Available in four different weights:
11 lbs - Green; 17 lbs - Blue;

26 lbs - Red; 37 lbs - Grey.





The Bulgarian Bag Product Training Workshop is an essential choice for any instructor wanting to become an expert with the Bulgarian Bag. Learn the fundamentals, how to apply these to workouts, and how to use and introduce the Bulgarian Bag to clients safely.





Used by fitness professionals globally, the Bulgarian Bag has been featured in military training for Navy Seals, great for fighters, elite athletes and people who want to improve their all-round condition.


It's a fantastic tool that delivers real results to improving grip strength, torso power and overall conditioning. It improves strength and mobility as the body works through all the planes of movement.


Invented and developed by Olympian Ivan Ivanov, the Bulgarian Bag is set to be your serious training partner. The soft leather molds to a user's hand for a personal feel when performing spins, working muscular endurance, rotational core power and improving balance.




 By Tommy Mathews



Spin into Arm Throw

1. Perform a spin with the bag allowing it to travel behind the head.

2. As the bag travels past the legs prepare to transition into an arm throw catch on the shoulder.

3. Swing the bag onto the shoulder, absorb the load and then return the bag back across the body and into another spin in the opposite direction.

4. As the bag travels around the head and down past the body, prepare to catch it on the opposite shoulder in the arm throw catch position.


Lateral Arm Throw Wood chop Combo

1. With the bag on the shoulder, rotate the torso and throw the bag across the body to catch it on the opposite shoulder.

2. From this catch position, throw it across the body and stop it dead to the outside of the opposite foot.

3. Draw the bag back onto the shoulder, then throw it across the body and catch it on the opposite shoulder.

4. The final part is to throw it across the body and stop it dead to the outside of the opposite foot.

5. Draw it back to the shoulder and then start again with a lateral arm throw across to the opposite shoulder.


Modified Swing Snatch

1. Swing the bag through the legs, loading through the posterior chain.

2. Extend the hips to send the bag upwards.

3. Pull and punch with the arms to flick the bag over the head.

4. As the bag falls towards the back, drop under it and catch it on the mid back.

5. Make contact with the elbows and the bag.

6. Launch the bag off the back using the arms and legs to create power.


Want to use these exercises for power endurance?

For an even more taxing power and endurance workout, try this routine:

- 10 x Spin into Arm Throw

- 10 x Lateral Arm Throw Woodchop Combo

- 10 x Modified Swing Snatch

- 60 seconds rest

- Complete 4 to 8 rounds


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