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Felton Gladiator Guard Face Shields

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$135.00 - $1,247.50






The Felton Gladiator Guard is FDA approved.


NIH approved defense against splatter and spray for use in Hospitals , Nursing Homes, Police Departments , EMS , Dentist and Manufacturing


The Felton Gladiator Guard is designed for use by front line professionals as an additional aid to help prevent the spread of viruses from fluid splatter and spray. 


The Felton Gladiator Guard is FDA approved.


Our face shield is designed to fit over all medical masks and can extend the useful life of N95 respirators.


We also offer The Felton Gladiator Shield in a youth size to provide safety for children and young patients who are in need of having their face protected.


The 3D printed face shield visor is made from PLA or PETG plastic and the shield is a scratch proof polycarbonate, both are NIH recommended materials and approved for clinical settings.



 The shields are replaceable and can be sanitized by ordinary sanitizing methods*



* Cannot be high temperature autoclaved



The Felton Gladiator Guard is a combination 3D printed visor and polycarbonate face shield designed to be used by front line professionals as an additional guard against fluid splatter and spray to help prevent virus spread. The materials of construction have been recommended by the National Institute of Health and are approved for use in clinical settings. Additionally, these face shields are ideal for use in any occupation where face protection is needed to protect users face from airborne droplets, fluid splatter, or spray that may contain viruses. Some common occupations where the Felton Gladiator Guard is useful includes EMS, police, nursing home staff, doctors, nurses, and even industrial manufacturing professions. The Felton Gladiator Guard comes in various sizes and a variety of standard colors, fits over, and is useful in extending the working life of an N95 respirator or traditional medical mask. * This shield is not intended for use as an impact shield – it is only intended to protect against airborne fluids and mist


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Felton is a NH based manufacturing company with a focus on market and technology. Known for engineering solutions and offering a broad range of advanced technical capabilities, Felton is committed to high value results.



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