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LYT Bottle



  • UVC Purification technology.
  • 10-12mW UVC LED.
  • Destroys bio-contaminants.
  • 99.99% kill rate*
  • Self-cleans bottle.
  • 18/8 Stainless steel bottle.
  • Vacuum insulation technology.
  • Keep cold 24 hrs. Hot 12 hrs. 
  • Port-less  magnetic charger.
  • TSA-friendly.
  • Does not remove chemical, metals, etc.,
  • *tested on e.coli in 3 mins.



Benefits at a Glance


  • √ Destroys 99.99% of e.coli from water in 3 minutes
  • √ 20-second self-cleaning every hour
  • √ Lightweight, durable construction
  • √ Safe, portless charging
  • √ One year limited warranty


What Problems Does LYT Solve?

◉ Quick and Easy Water Safety: Perfect if you want to quickly purify your water at home, school, or office. Use LYT when you almost trust the water source, but aren't quite sure.



◉ Tap Water Enthusiast: If you are a tap water enthusiast, then LYT is for you. LYT will ensure your tap water is safe for drinking. It uses a low power UV-C LED to destroy's 99.9% e.coli in 3 minutes from your water.



◉ Germ-free, sustainable living
◉ Healthy hydration

◉ Bottle remins clean and stink free


Our tiny cap packs a healthy punch. An embedded UV-C LED kills waterborne bacteria and viruses by rupturing the proteins on the cell wall. In a matter of minutes, your tap water is free of germs and safe to drink.

◉ Everywhere where tap water or water fountains are available. At home, gym, school, airports, etc., LYT adds an extra layer of protection to all your hydration needs.

◉ LYT bottle cap with built-in UV-C LED (BPA-free and Mercury-free).
◉ Light-weight BPA-free Tritan reusable plastic or Durable 304 Stainless Steel Bottle.
◉ Easy port-less charger.
◉ User’s manual
◉ One-year limited warranty

LYT products have a One Year Limited Warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship for one-year from the date of original purchase. 


DonationLifetime year warranty Your purchase is backed by our Platinum 10-year warranty. Our products are built to provide clean water for a lifetime.

DonationWe give back for every sale. For every product sold WAATR will donate a percentage of proceeds to support to change lives with safe water.

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