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The dumbbell has evolved.


The STAKRBELL is a flat, stackable dumbbell set that packs away into the smallest of spaces, removing trip hazards and clutter from the training floor

With its innovative, uniquely flat design, the STAKRBELLs link together without fixings to adjust the weight, save space and store safely. Thanks to the durable and anti-abrasive coating, STAKRBELL is built to last.

When paired with the best-selling Deck 2.0, the STAKRBELLs seamlessly fit into the integrated storage of the bench, forming a self-contained training station.

 Set of 4 stackable, flat dumbbells. 

 The dumbbell has evolved. Introducing the STAKRBELL, a uniquely flat, space-saving, safety-conscious hand weight that’s designed to last.


 The STAKRBELL and DECK 2.0 – made for each other.

STAKRBELL is the ideal companion to the Escape Fitness Deck 2.0. When not in use, STAKRBELL can be tucked away in the Deck’s integrated storage space, along with other equipment such as resistance bands. This creates a self-contained training station perfect for studio-based group exercise classes, boutique style grid training, personal training or home use.

Engineered by Ross Weir, the mastermind behind the original Deck, the STAKRBELL has been specially designed so that when not in use, two sets can stack together to seamlessly tuck away in the integrated storage compartment of the Deck. Say hello to an innovative, self-contained training space! The two products share the same color palette and visual design features. This means aesthetically they work as well together as they do as standalone products.

 The STAKRBELL is here to stay. Exactly where you place it. 

Thanks to its flat, no-roll design, this dumbbell stays put, wherever you place it. This is helpful in low-lit studios where stray equipment can cause serious trip hazards. Available weight options of 2kg and 3kg, the STAKRBELL dumbbells are designed to link together without the need for fixings. With a polyurethane coating, these dumbbells are extremely durable and anti-abrasive, easily holding up against the wear and tear of the toughest strength training and functional workouts. 


2kg / 4lb

Length: 352.5mm
Width: 128.5mm
Height: 26.5mm

 3kg / 6lb

Length: 365mm
Width: 135mm
Height: 33.5mm


Cast Iron and Polyurethane.


1 Year.

 Set contents:

2 x 4lb and 2 x 6lb STAKRBELLS.