The Cleaning Station Gym Wipes Dispenser + Hand Sanitizing Station

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Manual Gel Dispenser:  6-8 week shipping delay. Your Cleaning Station Gym Wipes Dispenser will ship on time, followed by Manual Gel Dispenser -- We apologize for the inconvenience.


All-In-One Wipe Dispenser + Hand Sanitizing Station

Cleanliness and functionality are at the top of your members’ list. The Cleaning Station offers the ultimate system for keeping your facility clean and your members healthy. Made of high quality plastic, this sleekly designed free-standing gym wipe dispenser + hand sanitizer system works and looks great in any facility. It features a comprehensive, user-friendly cleaning process — Pull, Wipe, Toss, and Sanitize – promoting good hygiene habits, a healthy environment and all around germ protection.

This free-standing system features interchangeable nozzles for wet gym wipes or dry paper towels, a built-in shelf with our manual gel hand sanitizer dispenser (included FREE!), and a hidden trash receptacle. Use the 1/2 moon nozzle for gym wipes and the full circle nozzle for dry paper towels; simply insert, turn and lock the nozzle of your choice into the open hole at the top of the station. To top it all off, shelves allow for convenient storage of four other supplies such as our spray bottles, tissues, gloves, or air fresheners (sold separately).

This gym wipe dispenser + sanitizer station works great with all of our gym wipes (sold separately). The cabinet keeps your gym wipes moist or your center-pull dry paper towels out of sight, and includes a built-in trash receptacle.

Note: All other supplies, such as gym wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, gloves, or spray bottles are all sold separately. Check out our complete Cleaning Station Bundle for a convenient and cost-saving way to get all your supplies at once.

What's Included

  • 1 Cleaning Station Gym Wipes Dispenser
  • 1 FREE Manual Gel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


  • Gym Wipes Dispenser or Paper Towel Dispenser with Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Built-in shelf for our manual gel hand sanitizer dispenser (included FREE)
  • Hidden trash receptacle with removable waste basket
  • Four shelves provide easy access to even more cleaning supplies (sold separately)
  • Base is weight for stability and ease of mobility

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